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anyone still alive???

hello, I'm Lins and I'm shocked to see only 18 members on this community.

Anyway, My boyfriend(how has no lj or he'd be here) and I are big fans of goblin's music, as well as dario argento's films.

I'll be coming into some extra cash in a few weeks and I'm seriously considering getting a new tattoo based on the cover of Roller (haha..that's the name of my street, I just thought of that) in a traditional style with a banner. Problem is, I'm not sure what should be be written on it. I thought "Torte in Faccia" would be good for giggles, but I'm not sure. Ideas??

And what's with this band called Zombi, I've never listend to them, but I hear they are heavily influenced by goblin AND john carpenter. (years ago when my boyfriend was in a band touring, they had a chance to play with them at a party but left after they played. HE kind of wishes they stayed to at least check them out)
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